Philippines Trip & My Wedding

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Guuuuuys Sinan and I got married in Philipinnes in November and it was AMAZING!!!

Let me start from the beginning. Nilay, my mom and I booked our flights in July and Sinan booked his later in August. No marriage was being talked by then.

We heard so much about the Philipinnes islands and we were dying to go after the rain season ended.

One day Sinan and I decided to apply to Turkish Embassy in Manila to see if it was possible to get married there. We got approved to have our wedding there on November 22nd.

The trip covered total 9 days, we took of from Istanbul on November 17th and arrived on the next day.

As we had a very early flight on 19th to Palawan, we took it easy the night before, went to People's Palace in Greenbelt located in Makati City. Taxi is very cheap, food is cheap all is cheap in Philipinnes. We LOVED the vibe of the place we had dinner, had lots of cocktails and great food and came back to our hotel as exhausted.

The next day, early flight to Palawan was easy but the van trip to El Nido for 4.5 hours was not much so... Even though it is a paradise and totally worth the hype, I wish we had more days to stay so we could balance the hassle of the road from Puerto Princesa to El Nido downtown.

First day we went to Las Cabanas Beach where is the most amazing sunsets happen. Wine and chatter until it was all dark. Following day we had a boat trip, Tour C which took us to Helicopter Island, Hidden Beach and Secret Beach. The nature was totally epic. We did snorkelling and literally walk on the rocks in the sea to reach out the secret beach. Not to mention the amount of fresh coconuts and coconut cocktails we had during the trip.

We left the boat and went directly to Las Cabanas to catch the sunset. Once the sun was all set, I heard my mom and sister singing behind me bringing henna playing tefs for my Henna Party. I

mean WHAT THE HELL these people had brought tefs and hennas and bachelorette accessories all the way from Istanbul to here just to celebrate this event.

E P I C.

We sang and danced and had an amazing dinner. We even swam at night and kept sining our favorite songs of all times. As Sinan and I were wearing white during all trip and I was wearing flowers on my head, everyone was congratulating us and giving their best wishes. Never have been spoiled like this!

We went back to the hotel after this party and continued to a beach club to celebrate even more. We might have been a bit too hyper and eat too much Falafel at the end of that night :D

3rd and last day of El Nido we went to some street shopping and by noon our driver came to pick us up from our hotel. Slightly better conditions during the trip back to airport and finally took the flight to Manila.

Our hotel in Manila, Dusit Thani was so awesome, the front office manager upgraded my mom and Zeynep to a suite which I thought was appropriate. I mean who cares about the groom and the bride...

As all of our clothes were still wet from the humid in El Nido, laundry was a big part of my night before my wedding.

22.11.2017 - Wedding Day:

Blog in progress... please check back in soon! :)

El Nido Sunset. Left to right: Ecem, Gulay, Anjie, Mom, Sister, Zeynep

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