My Lovely but Short Canada Trip

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Such an unexpected trip that was! Actually, I do travel last minute but this was beyond any trips I booked so far! 

The reason of our trip was to attend the wedding of Frank,  Canadian friend of my boyfriend.  They went to a fancy business school together in France  many years ago and apparently Frank invited quite a few of his MBA friends including my boyfriend Sinan. Naturally I was invited too. 

As Turks, we need a visa to go to Canada and to get this visa, we must apply weeks before our departure. Just like everything we do with Sinan, of course we were late to apply.  We took our time and did everything else. As well, due to my complicated situation with The USA, even though Sinan had his visa after 4 days of our application, mine took more than 2 weeks as apparently they do cross-check with The USA to make sure despite my delicate situation, I'm a cool person and  have strong ties to my country. However, this visa did not come before Thursday and the wedding was on Friday afternoon in Toronto -yes I know...

Well, did this prevent me from booking the most expensive economy class  connecting round-trip flight to Toronto for only spending the weekend? No... It certainly did not!

We booked a connecting flight which was exactly in 12 hours, packed all necessary stuff and organized our cats, flowers etc.. I went to bed at about 3 am (our flight was at 07:10 ) where Sinan did not want to risk it and stayed awake all night. I can't thank him enough I guess because of all his  dedication and precaution, prior and during our trip.

We had the longest layovers and uncomfortable flights until we landed Toronto. Passed the passport control and there... There it was.. Sweetest, happiest, kindest city of all times <3

(We decided we will never take another flight than Turkish Airlines. Lufthansa, we definitely were not impressed of your service and aircraft. Here I stop since I have nothing nice to say about our flight to Toronto, I got drunk, sobered up, got back drunk, sobered back up... Until we landed as it was impossible to sleep for me as a relatively tall and delicate sleeper.)

How was it, where did we go, what did we do in such limited time?

As we had very little time in the city, we started our day very early on Saturday. Walked from our hotel which was located at Yonge street, all the way to the Harbour. Friday was the wedding night and we literally crushed the wedding at 9 pm.. Better late than never :D

Once we reached the Harbour on Saturday early morning, Sinan had a hot dog ( yes in the early morning) and I was ok with a banana and coffee. The weather was cooler than I expected, it was cloudy at that time but later on we managed to see some sun :)

We took some pictures and a different road back to our hotel as we had booked a Hop on Hop off tour that included a boat trip around the islands in Toronto lake. Of course I stopped by Eaton Centre just to have a look and ended up buying a mini yellow Kanken and lots of Sephora stuff thinking that I would get the tax back by the airport. We did this for all of our spendings and HEY!!! This tax refund thing is NOT happening in Canada. Even if you are a tourist, you pay the tax.

I personally fell in love with this city, I hope you feel the same after connecting to our stories.

Toronto in 1 day:

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