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"In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks."

Hello everyone, thank you for checking this story in. 

I believe among all birthday destinations so far (not that I have been to everywhere but you know what I mean...) Mauritius has the whitest sand, it's even whiter than the beaches in Seychelles! I know because I have a massive vase, where I layer beach sand that I bring from everywhere I go, on top of each other. 

The island itself has so many things to discover. First of all, we were so surprised to learn that the west side of the island had golden sand, where the east and south part of the island had white sand. The west side has the best sunsets and  calm beaches, where the east side  is more  windy which makes it ideal for surfers even though I personally think it's still better with its endless white beaches and palm trees. It is said to be the paradise of Indian Ocean. Well said.

We rented a car to have more flexibility without knowing that the traffic in on the left hand side like it's in the UK or Australia or India... Yet, Sinan did a great job getting used to the way it was and was a great driver during our trip. 

In the first 3 nights, we stayed at Hilton at the west part of the island which has a cool infinity pool where you can enjoy the sunset sipping your cocktail in the pool. The resort itself was not super impressive but you know it's Hilton and can relax about your bed and food at least. 

3rd day we drove to Le Morne which is a small mountain in the south part of the island and has a white sanded beach as well. Of course when we  were there, it was rain and storm and all that nice things, so we just drove back to Flic en Flac where the Hilton was. 

The weather changes so quickly when you move between the towns. On the way back, we stopped by Chamarel and there we met a miracle: a massive mud-fall and a colorful soil. The muddy river called Black River, goes down and falls in a small lake surrounded by  the ultimate green. After walking for 3-4 minutes you face a land surrounded by fences to protect the natural shape of the colored earth. THAT THING WAS UNREAL. Even though it was raining and the soil was soaked wet, it was still pretty red, purple, yellow, green, pink, orange and blue... This was definitely the highlight of our days in the west side of the island.

Because I am SO crazy for some people, of course while researching about Mauritius at home, I stumble upon a Skydive  activity  in the north part of the island, which I signed up on a heart beat. 

The night before  the jump was quite challenging giving the fact that Sinan made my life very hard trying to convince me not to do ıt. I'im still not sure what he was thinking but he was telling me things like this "How can you do this to me? Don't you every think about our future? What about your mom, sister, what am I supposed to tell them!!? How are we going to say goodbye to each other?"  and I was rolling my eyes while trying to understand what type of thoughts he was having in his sweet mind. Clearly he was terrified. Did this prevent me from waking up at 6 am the next day and forcing him to drive us to north  while having cramps, signing a paper which basically  tells that I acknowledge that the jump is extremely dangerous and could cause serious injuries or even death. I was like, cool let's go!

Guyssss if you haven't done it, DO IT.    D O   I T !!!!

That was the best of best of best of best of best thing EVER. 

I'm editing my video and once it's ready, I'll link it here so you guys can check it out.

After having this unique experience, we decided to drive down east part and booked a nice hotel on our way. The road-trip was so amazing with endless sugarcane fields and  oddly shaped mountains. We dropped our bags and left our hotel to go to the longest beach of  the island: Belle Mare. 

This beach is where I brought the white sand ( I didn't take anything from the west side since we had that kind of sand all over Turkey if not lighter)

we spend the ALL day in the beach, relaxed and had rum cocktails.

It was all super and nice and relaxing then I got bitten by a bee which made me scream and woke Sinan up from his beauty sleep. In a 10 km beach that bee came and bit me. I mean of course, right? We ran to the sea  because I asked Sinan to pee on it after removing the needle, however the idiot bee bit my butt, so we thought it would be awkward if he pees on my butt in the middle of everyone on the beach, we just rubbed wet sand over it hoping to get some amoniac that way :)) (Arghh I knowwww but what could we do!!!?) Thank God I'm not allergic. Imagine...

Anyways, I was fine the next day which was another all day beach day, Belle Mare is so beautiful guys you need to see if you ever go to Mauritius.

Definitely road around the island if you are not worried about the left sided traffic.

The night before our departure, we decided to check out the small island that I saw from above while I was skydiving (during the free fall I didn't miss that island and saved it aside to check out later). We booked a tour  for that small island called Cerf (Ile aux Cerf)

Next morning, sadly, we packed our bags and left our hotel and drove towards south-east to the pear that we were supposed to meet with the rest of our tour group. Of course 5 minutes before the departure we realized that we were waiting at the WRONG pear.

We rushed to the correct one by asking directions to the locals. Uffff  we caught it, a lady was waiting for us, because apparently it was just the 2 of us :D

We took a speed boat and cruised to Cerf island, there a guide dedicated to our tour group was waiting for us. She gave us all the info we need  about the waterfalls, about the lunch and the parasailing activity I booked for Sinan. I mean...come on guys he had to see it even a little bit, no?  We had 1 hour to roam around the island through the cafes, small boutiques, bars under the tropical trees. There was almost no concrete and everything was made of wood. It was beautiful. We stopped by a bar to get some cocktails before the lunch and for the lunch, since our  included meals for lunch we were taken to another small island near Cerf. In fact we could even swim there it was so close. After the lunch the speedboat took us to the waterfalls and brought back as we had the parasailing waiting for Sinan and Sinan only.

Some local guys came and took us to the other side of the island to take a small boat to the parasailing area which is located in the middle of the sea, easily 200 meters away from the shore and when we jumped off the boat the water was still at my belly, how crazy is that? As I got ready with my phone to take his pictures, the guys told me to go with him as there would be the second person spot to take the Gopro pictures and videos while Sinan directs the Parachute. Woop Wooop!!! I jumped in the ties and took control of the camera, then we took off.... To see our little movie that I poorly created, please check our here. (I apologize in advance for my video shooting and editing skills which I PROMISE I will improve very soon.)

And there, this cute adventure was accomplished as well as our day in Cerf island. The same boat took us around many other islands on high speed until he dropped us off by the same pear it picked us up. (I collected some white sand from Cerf as well which later I layered under the Belle Mare as they were also different shades of white)

We drove to the airport through Gris Gris where you could enjoy the view of  the amazing cliffs. 

After returning our car, the only thing I could think of was to take a shower. I mean, we were soaked with mud, sand and salty water. Thank goodness, Turkish Airlines lounge at the  Mauritius airport provides you with some serious shower experience. Showered and poured ourselves champagne then finally had some rest before our flight. 

More videos and pictures will be posted very soon. Thank you for your patience while reading our adventures.

Skydive - Riviere du Rempart, Mauritius

Couple Parasailing - Ile aux Cerf, Mauritius

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