Italy Railtrippin'

Hey guys, thank you for checking this story in. In this one, even though I've been to Italy many many times, I'm telling about the last one that I've been with my mother. Yes, she is over 50 years old yet she has packed her backpack and threw herself to the Italian railways! Go mama!

It was our first time to travel together our of Turkey as mother & daughter, I must say, despite her age, she was so full of energy that I felt like I was with one of my friends and not my mom.

I was in Rome for business purposes, my company has an office there and I often travel to Italy to have meetings and training and all that nice) and mom was to come meet me there.

As her English is not very strong, she was super worried about her passport control moments which she got through easier than she thought she would. I had written a piece of paper for her before leaving, mentioning what to say to the passport police, where to go after the police and where to meet me at the airport. It was her first time in Italy and first time in any kind of trips out of


I took the bus from Termini station to the airport to greet my mom, at Terminal 3 arrivals section I was looking for her. Called her but her phone was off. Started to worry and walk up and down the terminal, while many people getting out of the building.

Called her again. No luck. Constantly watching people trying to find a familiar face. No luck.

After 20 minutes of uncertainty, someone poked my shoulder from behind.

Wow mom! She had braided her hair from one side down to her low pony tail, with a massive back pack and an enormous smile on her face, proud of herself making it this far!

It was great seeing her in a completely different city, not coming together but actually meeting here at the airport, to start our journey for 9 days.

I started to force her to talk to foreigners, the bus driver to gives us tickets for 2 to Termini station, to store our bags, the receptionist who checked us in in our hotel near Termini, the waiter to ask for the kind of coffee she wanted to have. She was so CUTE my GOD.

We left our bags and started to walk up to Colosseum. when we reached out, lucky for mom the construction at the area was done and there the massive Colosseum of the ancient Rome. I held her hand and we embraced the sunshine in a warm November day...

Colosseo, rome, Italy

Second city, Florence

Third city, Pisa

Fourth city, Bologna

Fifth city, Verona

Sixth and last city, Venice

Back in Istanbul

Blog in progress, thanks for checking back in...

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