Canarias Roadtrippin'

Hello guys, thanks for checking in this article where I am telling you all about our Tenerife road-trip for my 30th birthday. 

As the tradition goes, last year in 2016 I chose Islas Canarias as my birthday destination. It was SO beautiful and COLD at the same time. Well, it was not freezing or anything but we expected a weather of 25 degrees (Celsius) where all we got was 17-19 with a constantly cloudy/foggy ambiance. OK the more you read my stories, the more you'll get used to heavy rain and cold in my trips so don't worry we always have a plan in case we can't swim in the ocean and lay on the beach all day drinking tropical cocktails...

Ahhh I know but you'll get use to, I promise Tenerife has much more to offer than the beaches and sunbath. (Thank GOD)

Article in progress... Please check back in soon!

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