Amsterdam Dance Event ADE

Every time I come to this city, a giant carousel starts to run in my heart. ADE 2017 was nothing less than a massive festival in the entire city. It is always great to meet your beloved friends and spend a few days just about dance dance dance... I would say even the city itself has a dancing vibe that the buildings are swinging with lights!

As this event falls on the birthday of pretty close to a very close friend of mine it is double-joy for me to visit Amsterdam during this time of the year. She is a great organizer and event planner, thinks about every single detail to make sure we-friends- are comfortable all the way from the day 1st through the day last.

We stayed in the same house that we stayed last year. I must say the owner of our Airbnb has a great taste in decoration (I wish I could say this for their taste of ART too...) as the house is really amazing. We usually have an easy night on Thursday, House Partay on Friday and a crazy night out on Saturday, followed by a day-night dancing sessions on Sunday.

I took some shots of our houses and events and will edit those all soon to share them with you.

Until then, here is a couple of pics of my gang so you have an idea of some of my friends :)

Clarisse, Ivan and I are walking behind Susan under the rain, we are off to Food Hallen to get some more cocktails after a long night - before even a longer night :)

A quick shot of some shelves in our house in Wensulaerstraat.

Blog in progress, please check back in soon! :) Thanks!


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