En duygusal ve özel anlarıyla Kanada'daki doğum hikayem

Hello guys, thanks for checking in this article where I am telling you all about our Tenerife road-trip for my 30th birthday. 

As the tradition goes, last year in 2016 I chose Islas Canarias as my birthday destination. It was SO beautiful and COLD at the same time. Well, it was not freezing or anything but we expected a weather of 25 degrees (Celsius) where all we got was 17-19 with a constantly cloudy/foggy ambiance. OK the more you read my stories, the more you'll get used to heavy rain and cold in my trips so don't worry we always have a plan in case we can't swim in the ocean and lay on the beach al...

Every time I come to this city, a giant carousel starts to run in my heart. ADE 2017 was nothing less than a massive festival in the entire city. It is always great to meet your beloved friends and spend a few days just about dance dance dance... I would say even the city itself has a dancing vibe that the buildings are swinging with lights!

As this event falls on the birthday of pretty close to a very close friend of mine it is double-joy for me to visit Amsterdam during this time of the year. She is a great organizer and event planner, thinks about every single detail to make sure we-friends- are comf...

First time in Thailand... What a LAND! 

 The famous "Maya Bay" from the movie "The Beach" of Leonardo Di Caprio.  Going to Koh Phiphi was an adventure itself, which I will tell you very soon.

Podgorica, Kotor, Herzeg Novi, Sveti Stefan, Budva roadtrip with Zeynep, Ibo and Sinan.

This trip was organized for Zeynep's 30th birthday in 2015, so much fun at a modest budget.

Blog in progress...  Please check back in soon!

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